01. Government soldiers suffered heavy losses in battles with [guerrillas] in the area around the village.
02. Over 800 people have been killed in the [guerrilla] war this year.
03. Government sources report that the [guerrilla] forces have been driven back into the hills.
04. Many former [guerrilla] fighters became important figures in the Sandinista government of Nicaragua following the fall of the Somoza regime.
05. [Guerrilla] tactics generally involve flexible attack operations and various terrorist methods.
06. Drug traffickers are believed to be working with Marxist [guerrillas] in Colombia.
07. The only weapons the [guerrilla] forces had were those that were handmade, captured from the enemy or supplied from abroad.
08. The North Vietnamese used [guerrilla] warfare to undermine the superior military strength of the Americans.
09. The government has attacked a number of [guerrilla] bases in the countryside in an effort to gain the upper hand.
10. Reports from the countryside suggest that villagers are feeding and aiding the [guerrillas] in their fight against government troops.
11. Henry Kissinger once said that the conventional army loses if it does not win, but the [guerrilla] wins if he does not lose.
12. Fidel Castro established a socialist government in Cuba after a long [guerrilla] war.
13. The military government is losing its battle against pro-democracy [guerrillas], and appears ready to negotiate.
14. In December 1946, Vietminh [guerrillas] attacked French troops in Hanoi.
15. [Guerrilla] forces led by Pol Pot took over Cambodia in 1975.

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